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Shenyang Persident shares using 3D experiences and process

Forge Tooling SimulaForge Tooling Simulation Forge Tooling Simulation 


Forge forming
Stage1 drawing
Stage2 drawing
Stage3 drawing
Stage4 drawing + forming
Stage5 drawing+ forming
Company ActivityNew Investment on 3D scanner  


For accurate and high qaulity produts, Shenyang adds high-tech 3D scanner. It can improve measuring efficience and decrease personal operating diffrence. 3D scanner is an innovation technology equipment,conjuction with 2D CAD, it can overcome measure difficulty and accurately judge parts if according with design dimension. Shenyang has insisted to break through traditional method for advancing high technology thinking in pressing industry.

Company ActivityEmploee Physical Checkup  

Company Activity2015 The16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition  

2015/4/20 - 2015/4/29

Company ActivityNew Office Building Completion Ceremony  

Company ActivityNew Investment on Dimension Measure System  



For making better in our high quality producing capacity, we're investing a high speed dimension measurement system. It will effective on our measurement speed and reducing inaccuracy by opperator.

The system are innovated technology with new concept in measurement and computer CCD technology newest application. In most factory, they still using handle caliper to measure, and we had have serverl project measurement systems in our facility. from 2D projector to automatic CNC locating measure system. 

All we doing is making precisly and accurally meanufacture in  feature dimensions in our customer's requirement. To ehco the require from customer and our self, we're investing cutting edge technology in industry. It just providing better and higher quality of our production.

"Developement and Innovation, Satisfaction in Quality" is our mission and policy won't be change.