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QA Equipment





Metal Grain Examination



3D Height Gauge


     Shenyang Industry places importance on the customer's requirements for product quality. The CMM Measurement can be used to translate object contours into computer data through the three-dimensional coordinates of the object, and then calculate the distance or angle between the points of the object. Compared to the traditional manual measurement, the size is convenient, fast and accurate.

     In addition, this machine can be used as an auxiliary tool for reverse engineering. The dimension distance and angle of the object can be measured through CMM, which can be used for calculation of other data.






Projector Measurement






Auto Projector Measurement       






Tensile Test







Plating Thickness Test




Hardness gauge




CNC Measurement Projector





Measure Instrument









We also had over 600mm legth capacity caliber for big parts.




Height Gauge




Diameter Gauge




CCD Inspection


CCDInspector works with camera acquisition software to allow real-time evaluation of images to determine collimation, camera tilt and focus. Make collimation adjustments with CCD camera to an accuracy not available with eyepieces or manual collimation aids.




Visual Inspection





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