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OEM/ ODM Services




We are a IATF16949, ISO 9001, ISO 140001 certificated manufacturer which can offer you professional, speedy metal forming OEM/ODM service with quality and cost-saving.

We specialize in customized pressing/ stamping and drawing of metal components and parts according to your requirement. We have the capability of making sheared edge made by pressing machine is near to the quality made from a fine-blanking machine.

The adventage of us

* Passion and Commitment
* Efficient and Accurate Communication Capability
* Experienced Engineers and Skills Staffs on R&D
* Precise CAD/CAM Programs and Machine Centers Allowing Rapid Prototyping 
   before Production

* In-House Mould & Die Design and Making with High Precision and Competitive Costs

* Quality Metal Materials
* High Capacity and Accurate CNC Machinery
* Strict Quality Control



We provide you pressed / stamped and drawn industrial components and parts with total solution from design, die making, pressing process, coating, to assembly.

1) Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel sheet, aluminum, brass, iron, titanium alloy, etc.
2) Thickness Range of Raw Materials : 0.2 m/m – 4.0 m/m is more popular,

    maximum up to 8.0 m/m.

3) Product Size Range (Width* Length) : 250 m/m * 350 m/m.
4) Maximum Drawing Depth: 150 m/m.

Please contact us by sending drawings or samples with specification. We will provide you what you need promptly.

Shenyang is located in Central Taiwan Area, a hub of machinery, hardware, moulds, and metal parts.
There is a very efficient and competitive industrial structure and central-satellite system . The metal products made in this area have won great popularity all over the world, because of their outstanding functions, durability and fair prices. With consolidated alliance relationship with manufacturers of related metal, plastic, and rubber products, Shenyang is not only able to provide you OEM/ODM service on stamped metal parts, but also on all others related components and parts in various forming, finishing type and materials. We especially have abundant experience on auto & motorcycle parts and household ware with metal parts. We play a role of total solution service provider to you in these fields and could be a partner you can trust and rely on.

We look forward to having the opportunities of providing service to you soon.